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Our Aims
Our Vision

MySelf-Management aims to raise awareness of the difficulties of living with lifelong chronic conditions, help people self-manage their conditions through training, education and fun; giving people the ability to control how they live their lives better and with confidence.

Our Mission

We are an organisation, motivated to work together with other organisations  to deliver a comprehensive approach to self-management for people living with long term conditions.

We have found that we can achieve more for people living with a long term conditions by sharing experiences, training, information and working together.

Our Core Values

Support - Providing support through our Peer Support (Living Better) Groups and events throughout the Highlands. Bringing people together to help support each other.

Educate – Provide training to people living with long-term conditions to enable them to self-manage.  Education and promotion of the key points of self-management.  We provide web based resources, giving access to activities available in local communities to support people to self-manage.

Committed - Every event we organise, we are committed to giving the highest quality understanding to people’s needs and support  them accordingly

Promotion - To promote in all ways possible the value of self-management and it's integration in to the community​

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