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Our Living Better groups are for anyone living with a long-term condition or Long Covid in Highland. You can join by coming along to the next meeting near you or you can email your local contact as indicated in the schedules below.

Please see the page footer for a link to our Members Privacy Notice

Click on the pictures below to open and download the calendar for each group / area.

LBG Inverness 2024 Landscape.png


LBG Nairn 2024 Landscape.png


LBG Caithness 2024 Landscape updated.png


Caithness - Wick / Thrumster / Thurso

LBG Dingwall & MOO.png


Dingwall / Muir of Ord

LBG Skye & Lochalsh 2024 Landscape (updated).png

Skye & Lochalsh

Garden Visit Group 2024 Landscape.png

Garden Visits Inverness / Nairn

Grumpy Gaspers 2024 Landscape (3).png

Invergordon Grumpy Gaspers

LBG Tain & Dornoch new Tain venue.png


Tain / Dornoch

Kiltarlty boccia.png



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