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Long Covid

MySelf-Management Long Covid Self Management eLearning Modules


We have re-launched our extensively revised Long Covid eLearning courses which were originally developed in a joint project with Covid Aid. You can access the courses by registering / logging in here.


Please note that if you have previously registered for our standard self management elearning courses, you will need to register separately for the Long Covid courses. If you previously registered for the Long Covid eLearning, you should be able to use the same registration as before.


This eLearning portal is for people who have had Covid and are still experiencing Long Covid symptoms. A formal diagnosis of Long Covid is not required.

MySelf-Management Wellbeing and Social Activities Online (and now in-person too)

We post information about online activities on the Online and Living Better Online pages.

You just need to email whoever is listed as the host for each session or email saying which ones you would like to try out and she will send you the links to join on the day.

Our in-person Living Better peer support groups are available in various locations across Highland. See the in-person page for more information about all our in-person meetings.

MySelf-Management Long Covid Highland Online Peer Support Group

Click here to join our private online peer support group on Facebook which is open to anyone living in Highland or Argyll and Bute, please be sure to answer all the questions - and keep an eye open for direct messages from Lgo Wit on Facebook messenger in case we need to contact you with further information.

Our Long Covid service also includes a dedicated online peer support group that meets monthly via Teams. To find out more or join this group, please email 

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