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Our Trustees

MySelf Management Trustees


 Fiona Skinner

Fiona has worked in health, social and childcare sectors for over 20 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to MySelf Management, including 16 years mental health and psychology research, curriculum development from her role at the University of the Highlands and Islands, experience in delivering healthcare to urban and rural areas as well as skills in project management, finance and staffing. Fiona also has family experience of living with long-term conditions so is passionate about the work of MySelf-Management at a personal level too.


Evelyn Campbell 

Evelyn is passionate about the role of self management of long-term conditions helping people to live their best life for as long as possible. She brings over 30 years’ experience of developing, delivering and evaluating a wide range of curriculum and learning experiences, including health promoting principles and action and project management experience to her role as Trustee for MySelf Management.


Alison MacRobbie  

Alison brings health care knowledge and experience skills from working as a pharmacist with people in hospital and community settings for 40 years. Her background also includes skills in education, research and project planning with strategic and committee input to healthcare organisations at senior level. Alison lives with a long-term condition herself, has provided care and support for a child with long-term conditions and currently volunteers with a local disabled walking group. As a result, she’s passionate about supporting individuals to learn skills to support self management.

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