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Putting YOU at the centre of your wellbeing.

Our Summer Activities Schedule is now live and open to bookings! All activities open to anyone in Highland with a long-term condition, Long Covid or Persistent Pain. If you aren't yet a member, pop us an email to find out more...

Contact us for more info or to book www.myself-management.

Long Covid eLearning

10 updated courses - free and available to anyone living in Scotland

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What is MySelf-Management?

MySelf-Management has been active for over ten years, promoting and supporting the vision of self management of health for those living with long-term conditions.


In broad terms, self management encourages and supports individuals to take greater responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and seek to live life to its full potential. It is about forging an equal partnership between the individual, health and other professionals and the community around them, to the mutual benefit of all.

MySelf-Management aims to raise awareness of the difficulties of living with lifelong chronic conditions and help people self-manage their conditions through training, education and fun - giving people the ability to control how they live their lives better and with confidence.


See all our current and upcoming in-person activities

See our current and upcoming in-person events

Since 2020, we have...

  • redirected our self management training focus to eLearning modules which extend the content of our Toolkit and Self Management in Challenging Times booklets

  • relaunched the Highland Self Management Forum as a quarterly online meeting which has been well received and made participation more feasible for busy professionals.

  • continued to facilitate mutual support by moving to online groups on Facebook for MySelf-Management members to stay in touch with us and each other

  • delivered regular online wellbeing sessions 

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