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 Self Management in Challenging Times​ (SMiCT)
An online course that promotes wellbeing to help people who are living with any long term condition.  Available free in Highland by clicking here ​or use the link below for more information
LGOWIT have the answer!

What is LGOWIT?

LGOWIT (Let’s Get On With It Together) is a project managed by a partnership of public, private and third sector (voluntary) organisations and is hosted by the Highland Third Sector Interface. LGOWIT has been active for ten years, promoting and supporting the vision of self management of health for those living with long-term conditions. In broad terms, self management encourages and supports individuals to take greater responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and seek to live life to its full potential. It is about forging an equal partnership between the individual, health and other professionals and the community around them, to the mutual benefit of all.

Since March 2020 we have

  • redirected our self management training focus to eLearning modules which extend the content of our Toolkit and Self Management in Challenging Times booklets

  • relaunched the Highland Self Management Forum as a quarterly online meeting which has been well received and made participation more feasible for busy professionals.

  • continued to facilitate mutual support by moving to online groups on Facebook for LGOWIT members to stay in touch with us and each other

  • delivered regular online wellbeing sessions 

Our community networkers have been busy offering support by phone and various messaging options, running online activities and keeping in regular touch with all group members.

For more information about our current activities have a look under LGOWIT Online

​Read on below to see how we engaged with and supported over 1000 people with long term health conditions in Highland for over 10 years before we adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic by moving to a digital delivery model.

LGOWIT before COVID-19

This section provides an overview of LGOWIT services prior to March 2020. 

​Living Better Groups

  • 23 Living Better support groups across Highland

  • Each group has its own identity which depends very much on the interests and preferences of those who attend. 

  • These groups are open to anyone, of any age, with any long term condition and offer the opportunity for individuals to come together, socialise and support each other.

  • Groups engage in a variety of activities such as crafts, talks, alternative therapies, trips out and much, much more

Self Management Training Courses

  • The training programmes are led by our 22 trained volunteers, who themselves have long term conditions. We find that this facilitates greater understanding and cohesion within the training workshops

  • The courses offer everyone the opportunity to gain an insight into how their conditions affect their lives and how to take a solutions based approach to manage these conditions more effectively

  • The free 5 week programme covers topics such as communication, activity and exercise, understanding pain and other symptoms and managing change, in a way that equips those attending with the tools and techniques required to live their life to its full potential

  • Our courses are written by people with long term conditions and co-produced with Versus Arthritis

​Highland Self Management Forums

  • ​Our quarterly forums bring together peopled with lived experience of long term conditions, partner organisations, health practitioners and anyone with an interest in promoting self management in Highland

  • Each forum has a different topic, guest speakers and networking lunch!

Self Management Toolkit and Wellbeing Plan

  • ​A simple guide to self management containing easy to understand information and tools to help you self manage

  • Co-produced with NHS Highland and written by and for people with long term conditions

Highland Boccia Tournament

  • ​Each year teams from all our Living Better groups come together and battle it out for the honour of being the LGOWIT Highland Boccia Champions

  • Boccia (seated bowls) can be played by anyone

  • In 2019 over 80 people attended the tournament with a team from the Nairn group successfully defending their 2018 title. Click on the links to see photos from each year

Community Networkers

  • We have 4 community networkers across Highland

  • They provide self management education and awareness sessions and support our generic peer support groups (Living Better Groups)

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